just like heaven

Tudo parece ousado àquele que a nada se atreve, por isso... atreva-se!

29 março 2010

show, don't tell (or perfection)

being left sucks. feeling rejected hurts (so much!). but time heals everything, and it was so good while it lasted, it was more than worth it. i'm grateful. i'm also sad. i know the sad part will pass at some point, and then i'll only be full of great memories, and that's the best part, right? :-)

so let's face the music and dance, focusing on the good stuff: the sea is waiting for me! always the sea. i'm leaving in a few hours, and anxiety is my main feeling right now. i want to see everything, to meet everyone, to know how all things are. i want to start working as of yesterday! lol. i want to do a great job at everything. i'm going to such a wonderful and beautiful place -- i'm excited and scared at the same time, as i always am when staring something so new and big and great. so many possibilities make me happy and aprehensive and willing (to shout and dance and spin and work and make everything better).

obrigada, papai do céu. por tudo. sempre. hey ho! (let's go!) *wishmeluck*